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Dreaming Stage

The seed of desire has somehow entered your mind and soul. You want it! The job, lifestyle, excitement, uniform, prestige, and travel. You run scenarios, read airline news, search for cabin crew Instagram accounts, flight attendant forums and every moment is consumed by wanting to know more.

How to apply? Who is hiring? How is the assessment conducted? What will they ask me? How do my pictures need to look? What do I need to wear at the interview? What do I need to say and do to make it?

Action Stage

At The Sky Central we understand what it takes to succeed, you start the preparation by building a great cabin crew CV, taking professional photos, making the best online application, polishing your image and working on your ability to make an extraordinary first impression, rehearsing group exercise scenarios, doing sample English tests and considering all questions a recruiter might ask you during the interview. You seek opportunities to enhance your current set of skills and purposefully adjust your behaviors, actions, and reactions to match the ideal candidate.

Success Stage

On completion of the training with The Sky Central entering your cabin crew interview with confidence, you have the conviction that you are the perfect candidate for this job. You also know that this career is the ideal fit for you. Knowing what to expect, you cruise the assessment stages with ease. The interview is a two-way street, and your conversation with the recruiter is relaxed and productive. You've got this!